7 Ways Finding Your True Soul Mate Will Positively Impact Your Life

There are few things that will positively impact you more than connecting with your true soul mate.

First, so that we are on the same page, let me first define what I mean by “true” soul mate, which I also sometimes refer to as a “life journey” soul mate.

Type “soul mate” into a search engine, and you’ll get a whole lot of different takes on different types of soul mates. You’ll read about twin flames, soul mates that aren’t romantically involved (such as a sibling, parent, close friend, or business partner) as well as something called karmic soul mates, which is a soul mate who you are meant to meet in order to wake you up and cause growth in your life. It doesn’t always feel good to interact with a karmic soul mate. In fact, often interacting with a karmic soul mate can feel painful or contrasting. However, even meeting with a karmic journey soul mate is for our ultimate highest good, as it says in A Course In Miracles “all relationships can become holy relationships” that can benefit both parties involved.

For the purpose of this article today, I’d like to talk to you about what I call true, or life journey soul mates. 

What is a life journey soul mate?

A life journey soul mate is romantic soul mate, but is also someone who is on board with you and your truest purpose. Whether that purpose is to write books and speak to audiences, be a stay at home parent deeply invested in the well-being of your children, to travel the world in joyful curiosity, to find enlightenment, or simply to live a normal, balanced life, your life journey soul mate is on board with everything about who you are, your purpose on the planet, and what you want in life. Likewise, you will feel the same about their goals. Maybe your purpose is even to support them in their purpose! Whatever it is, you will be invested in each other. You will admire each other. You will respect each other. Ultimately, you love each other as you are, warts and all, and it will raise you both to heights previously unseen. Unlike a karmic soul mate or twin flame relationship that is often associated with pain, a true soul mate will help you learn primarily through joy.

Here are some more ways being with your true soul mate will positively impact you.

1) A safe cushion to land. When you have had a bad day at work, when the world seems to be turning against you; it is your true soul mate’s shoulder you can cry or lean on. They won’t judge you for it and will simply be there for you. When the time is right, they may gently ask you questions to help you find your clarity on what you want and need in the situation and if anything needs to change for you to get to where you want to go. A certain tenderness or softness will characterize most of your interactions.

2) A mirror for your state of consciousness. Your life journey soul mate will also be a mirror for you, to help you grow. All of our relationships are our mirrors. What we see occurring in others we relate with is just those people reflecting back to us where our own consciousness is. By having such an immediate and direct reflection, we can have the vision to see more clearly, and to make needed adjustments in our thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

3) Regular sex. There, I said it. Good sex with the right partner can help us release resistance and raise our vibration. Sex with your life journey soul mate will be amazing, mostly because of the deep intimacy, high-level, authentic communication, and life vision you share.

4) Support. When you are with your life journey soul mate, at least one person will always have your back. If you go through a dark night of the soul, your life journey soul mate will be waiting there, with a flashlight,  patiently holding their hand out to lift you up and gently nudge back on your path.

5) Extreme growth. Even just having the intention to find your life journey soul mate will cause you to grow. To attract this type of soul mate, you must have a reasonable degree of self-love, have cleared out limiting beliefs surrounding love and relationships and other blocks, you will need to have learned to articulate what you want and communicate well, and have a high enough frequency on a consistent basis. The bulk of this usually needs to happen BEFORE you even meet them! I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: Finding your soul mate is about getting ready. It’s about being prepared. As like attracts like, it is your ENERGY that will attract your true soul mate more than your looks, status, or material wealth, so if you haven’t found your true soul mate yet, it will be helpful to do the energy work around this. (This was true in my own case and the case of many of my clients.)

6) Increased prosperity. I once asked a soul mate coach in a workshop “what if you think someone is your soul mate, but they are not where you want them to be financially?” She replied “I have known soul mate couples who were broke when they met each other, but because of their synergy together, they became millionaires”. Since I have met my husband, our bottom line continues to get better and better (even though we were both broke and in debt when we met) and now we are almost ready to buy a house here in LA.

7) Elevated vibration– Being with your true soul mate raises your vibration. And with an elevated vibration, the sky is truly the limit.

Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker is a Los Angeles Dating Coach and Life Coach. She and her husband (Master Law of Attraction coach Richard Yaker) own Conscious Life Coaching and Conscious Dating and Relating. They specialize in helping spiritual, successful singles who are tired and frustrated because they just cant seem to find the right partner easily attract an amazing partner who will love them for who they are. To learn more about how they can help you find your true soul mate, and download your free report 7 Steps To Manifesting your Beloved, visit www.consciousdatingandrelating.com.

You can also join Jennifer’s upcoming “Becoming a Soul Mate Magnet” program in February by clicking here: http://www.consciousdatingandrelating.com/soulmatemagnet.

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