“I cannot believe how much my life transformed in only FOUR sessions with Jennifer “

C.C, Venice, CA

“I absolutely love Rich and Jennifer and am so grateful to have met them. Each of them as individuals have a powerful energy and a clear understanding of the Law of Attraction. The combined methods of their specific modalities were a perfect pairing to address the specific blocks that were preventing me from deliberately manifesting my desires and creating the life of my dreams. Each meeting with either of them is a “high”, in and of itself, and I always walk away feeling that I have made a significant personal breakthrough. I have been made aware of powerful truths and have found great clarity that has allowed me to more deliberately align myself to what I want to attract. By clearing old ideas and split energy, and then mindfully applying specific principles of LOA, I have seen tangible evidence of my life becoming truly magical. The power of the Law of Attraction is undeniable. Both Jennifer and Rich are personal advocates and partners in my own quest to harness the tremendous power of this law in order to bring about the ultimate reflection of my true desires and highest joy in the reality of my daily life. I found that the combination of each of their gifts and offerings are a perfect package to take me to the next level in being a co-creator of the life I have always wanted to live.”

(Written by the same love coaching client a couple of months later, after four love coaching sessions)

“…She lives .8 miles away, and we are so in sync, Jen. It is so incredible. It is so easy. It is magical and passionate and romantic and smart and stable and she has LITERALLY every quality I want in someone, as well. I cannot CANNOT believe what I was willing to settle for prior to experiencing her. She is communicative and expresses her feelings toward me so openly and eloquently. We talk about everything and it feels safe and secure, while at the same time, liberating. She wants and is ready for a long-term relationship and does not play games AT ALL. She has everything I have ever imagined and exceeds my expectations. She literally came “out of nowhere” and the Universe has blown my mind with this one. I am so in love. Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Thank you for all you did to help prepare me to meet her. W.O.W.”

V.M., Venice, CA

“I was first introduced to Conscious Life Coaching through a Meetup workshop that they sponsored – I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed by Jen and signed up for a free consultation session without hesitation.  I left that meetup workshop feeling inspired and uplifted.   I had such a great experience within the first twenty minutes of my private session that I signed up for a package of lessons.  Jen is a great life coach – she listens with an open heart and mind and is not afraid to share her own experiences if she thinks they will help.  In our sessions we worked on a range of issues from work, daily life stresses, time management, dealing with difficult people, relationships (family, friends, love life) and more.  She brings her background and diverse knowledge in practices such as NLP, EFT and relationship coaching and provides useful tools and techniques to address a broad range of issues. And her skills at leading EFT sessions are extremely impressive.  She makes people feel at ease and is totally non-judgmental and empathetic in her approach.  She also leads a great vision board workshop that was truly inspiring and lots of fun.  If anyone is looking for a great life coach – Jen and Conscious Life Coaching should be a first contact! Highly recommended.”

LATER, after a 12 -pack of love and life coaching sessions, she wrote:

“I  actually met someone and am soo happy!  He is all those things I put in my escrow*. 🙂 I feel like a giddy girl. And everything we have worked on has helped so much – so thank YOU!”

Stephanie B., Santa Monica, CA

“There are a lot of workshops focused on singles. Most offer miraculous results, few deliver. Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker however is the exception to this rule. Her manner is straight forward, with practical real world suggestions as to why your love life isn’t quite where you want it to be but more importantly how to get it there.

With her open and honest approach the Manifesting Love Workshop  answers the difficult questions. You know the one’s we have all wanted to ask. This two-hour workshop packs in so much practical information.  When you walk away you can immediately put into action what you have learned.  She’ll share her story and through fun and insightful exercises you will gain an understanding of what you have been doing, but most importantly what would get a better result. But most important of all, it will get you thinking!

I have had the privilege of working with Jennifer privately.  I had wanted to change my dating patterns and improve my romantic relationships. I am happy to report that not only has my romantic life done a complete turn-around but my other inter-personal relationships as well!”

Carol M., Burbank, CA


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